What to do when someone dies?


What to do when someone dies

Knowing what to do when someone dies isn’t always easy to think about or discuss with your loved ones. When a family member does pass away, generally the first person to contact is their doctor. If the Doctor will not sign a death certificate, then a coroner will have to take the appropriate steps to allow the person into the Funeral Directors care.

Apart from other family members and friends, the next person to call is the funeral director of your choice. The funeral director will then arrange to see you to organise the funeral for your family member. During this process, the funeral director should have organised the transfer of your loved one into their care.

Some decisions to think about during the funeral arrangements include:

  • The type of funeral you desire
  • Whether your family member has already pre-arranged their own funeral
  • When & where you would like the funeral to be held
  • The type of service you would like
  • The type of music to be played at the service
  • Which clothing you would like your loved one to wear
  • Whether you desire a viewing
  • What floral arrangements would be appropriate
  • Who you would like to be involved
    The funeral should take place within a few days of meeting with your funeral director, as long as there are no extenuating circumstances, such as waiting on family to arrive from out of town. Within those few days, the funeral director should have made all the arrangements on your behalf.

    What to do if someone dies in a nursing home or hospital

    In most cases, nursing homes do not have long-term facilities to care for a loved one once they have passed away. As per standard practice, the facility will contact family and notify them of the death. From this point, a funeral director will start making arrangements for the deceased on the basis there is no coroner investigation taking place.

    In a hospital scenario, there are mortuary facilities and the hospital would take care of your loved one while a funeral director will make arrangements and the family manage the release forms.

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